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Corporate Life Fail

This may or may-not be a true story....
Do you ever see someone new to the corporate workforce? Carrying a brand new laptop bag, shiny new shoes that he still isn't used to wearing so he stumbles along, while carrying a Starbucks latte in one hand and a steamy McMuffin in the other, all the while with a glint of excitement in his eye? You look down and see yourself in your un-ironed outfit and sneakers, carrying your heels in a bag, your hair still wet and sunglasses on, because you have lost interest in doing your hair or putting on makeup, since there is not a single hot guy to impress at work.
You laugh at the silly boy and think:
"Bless his little hawrt, poor thing... all that enthusiasm is going to fade soon...doubt he will last long."
And then you see the same guy two years later and his laptop bag is upgraded to a name brand, he's now wearing a tie with his ironed suit, his Starbucks latte is now a Cappuccino from the trendy new coffee shop on the corner (that also has a wine n' cheese happy hour), and a flaky croissant in the other hand, and a bluetooth in his ear in which he is talking to someone about their weekend in Bali.
You look at yourself in the reflection of a nearby building (almost mistaking yourself for a homeless person) and realize YOU are the one who has failed at corporate life..
ohh. just me? ...

Thank God for Comedy Life.