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Throwback Blog: "Random Thoughts..."

I wrote this on FB Notes on Sept. 10, 2009... these thoughts are still relevant, unfortunately? Enjoy!

  • I HATE IT when I am trying to have a conversation with you (not converste) and your response to EVERYTHING I say is "That's What's Up"... really???? boooo, that's NOT what's up.
  • When I am waiting behind you at the Toll Plaza on a bridge for 14 minutes before we get to the attendant...WHY DIDN'T YOU SPEND THAT TIME LOOKING FOR MONEY???
  • If you only see your hairstyle in movies such as VALLEY GIRL, SQUARE PEGS or ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING it maybe time to rethink your bangs. The ozone layer will thank you later by sparing your children.
  • I think it should be a law that women who put their children in beauty pageants should have some beauty about themselves first...why are the Moms NEVER good looking and have the personality of a dishrag?
  • I still don't believe that Rancho Cucamunga is an actual city.
  • I like cheese. A lot.
  • Just because you supposedly dated one Indian chick doesn't mean you know anything about Indian people. especially if you don't even remember her name? Why did you even tell me this as a selling point??
  • I am Indian, NO I was not born with the knowledge of belly dancing.
  • WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS OKAY TO ASK IF MY FATHER IS A DOCTOR JUST CAUSE I AM INDIAN. I mean he is but, im just sayin' ... no he isn't, calm down.
  • On the same note...when I meet a guy who is not Indian, the first question is ALWAYS..."What would your parents do if you brought me home."...uh I just met you, my parents are the least of your concerns at this point.
  • I HATE weak handshakes. Something about that makes me think you have daddy & mommy issues...
  • Why is it that when you walk thru a crowded club, one guy always stops you and says "Hey baby why aren't you smiling?"... umm because you just grabbed my arm like you know me, homegirl's fony-pony over there keeps whacking me in the face every time she turns around, that dude with the HALITOSIS breath keeps stalking me, and the Bartender is an AHole. Anymore questions?? There is a good reason why I don't go out to "the club" anymore...